Erosion Assessments & Watershed Restoration

Pacific Watershed Associates has been in the forefront of watershed assessments and restoration since the 1980’s. Our expertise and experience extends from the upper reaches of watersheds, through hillslopes and stream channels, to the estuary and coastline.  Our team of skilled professionals conducts a variety of watershed scale assessments including detailed upslope and in-stream sediment source investigations for basin-scale watershed analyses and total maximum daily load studies (TMDLs).  Restoration projects include upland erosion control and erosion prevention plans; stream channel stabilization and restoration, fish habitat restoration, and marsh, dune and slough restoration planning and management.  We also contract, work with, and provide technical supervision to trusted and experienced contractors, equipment operators and labor crews who are skilled in implementing state-of-the-art restoration projects and practices. Our services are wide ranging and adaptable to specific client needs. Services include:

  • Air Photo Analysis
  • Sediment Source Investigations
  • Sediment Budget Studies
  • Watershed Analysis Procedures
  • Environmental Impact Analyses and Special Studies 
  • Erosion Investigations and Remediation
  • Erosion Prevention and Erosion Control Planning and Implementation
  • TMDL Studies, Sediment Source Analyses, and Implementation Planning
  • Stream Channel Inventories and Habitat Restoration Planning and Implementation
  • Upland, Estuary, and Coastal Restoration Planning and Implementation
  • Coastal Processes and Impact Analysis
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