PWA Publications

PWA principals and staff have authored a number of publications and reports, including peer-reviewed journal articles and technical manuals. We also attend and present at a number of scientific conferences each year. We’re happy to make many of these documents and conference presentations/materials available to you in the table below.

Title Publication Date File
Manual de Caminos Forestales y Rurales August, 2014
Updated Handbook for Forest, Ranch, & Rural Roads (Download individual chapters) August, 2014
Updated Handbook for Forest, Ranch and Rural Roads April, 2015
Predicted eelgrass response to sea level rise and its availability to foraging black brant in Pacific coast estuaries May, 2012
Geomorphic Signatures of Tsunami In Coastal Sand Dune Fields of Northwestern California October, 2009
First Priority Implementation Strategies For Sediment Control In Ecologically Valuable Salmonid Watersheds
Stealth Sediment: Reducing Hydrologic Connectivity and the Impacts of Fine Sediment Delivery for Watershed and Coral Reef Restoration
Upslope Erosion Inventory and Sediment Control Guidance (Chapter 10 of the California Salmonid Stream Habitat Restoration Manual)
Coastal Sand Dune Stratigraphy of the North Spit of Humboldt Bay, Northern California
Long Term On-Site and Off-Site Effects of Logging and Erosion in the Redwood Creek Basin, Northern California
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