Summary of Qualifications

Pacific Watershed Associates, Inc. (PWA) is a full service geological and hydrological consulting firm specializing in the development of technically sound management, restoration, and geologic solutions for watershed, forest, riverine, estuarine, and coastal  habitats.  PWA conducts geologic site investigations for land development including geologic hazard studies, road assessments, landslide and erosion inventories, photogrammetric analysis, geomorphic mapping, and erosion control plans. PWA is uniquely and exceptionally well qualified to provide expertise in the development and implementation of watershed sediment control and restoration plans for sediment-impaired systems. PWA scientists also conduct coastal dune studies, and planning for dune protection and restoration; estuary and eelgrass studies, monitoring and restoration/mitigation projects; and studies related to sea level rise, neotectonics and tsunami impacts and hazards.

Established in 1989, PWA includes a staff of 25 full-time geologists, geomorphologists, hydrologists, watershed scientists, physical science technicians, and associated support personnel. PWA scientists include licensed professional geologists and experienced hydrologists with proven expertise in northern California geology, hydrology, and applied geomorphology. Our lead professionals authored the most widely used technical guidance manuals for rural road-related erosion remediation (Handbook for Forest and Ranch Roads and Upslope Erosion Inventory and Sediment Control Guidance), and have spearheaded groundbreaking watershed assessment and restoration projects throughout the Pacific Northwest. State-of-the-art protocols developed and used by PWA for watershed erosion assessments (including both fluvial and mass wasting processes), watershed erosion prevention plans, and rural road storm-proofing and long-term management are now used by the State of California as the standards for State-funded fisheries restoration grant programs.

PWA’s Watershed Division is nationally recognized for its innovative work in sediment source assessment, watershed restoration, and erosion control plans for upland salmonid habitat and water quality protection. Projects range from simple site investigations and erosion control projects, to large-scale watershed assessments and sediment source studies, to highly complex restoration and sediment control efforts. Professional experience for the firm’s owners and principals includes planning, organizing, implementing, and monitoring the internationally renowned, $50 million watershed rehabilitation program at Redwood National Park in northern California. An integral part of this watershed rehabilitation and management program included the on-site field review of hundreds of private and industrial timber harvesting plans and proposed land use plans within the Redwood Creek watershed.

Professionals and staff in PWA’s Environmental Division also provide expert service for private and public landowners in a number of areas, including onsite wastewater treatment site evaluations and system design for both residential and commercial properties, water supply investigations, drainage and erosion control planning, road assessments, stormwater pollution prevention plans, landslide investigations, geologic hazard evaluations, environmental site assessments, hydrogeologic evaluations for FDA approval of spring waters, underground storage tank analysis, and soil testing.  

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