Civil & Environmental Engineering

PWA offers a wide range of civil and environmental engineering services. Our staff of licensed professionals brings a level of experience required for successful completion of our client’s projects. 

PWA’s expertise and experience includes:

  • Engineering soils reports (R1 & R2)
  • Engineered grading plans
  • Domestic & agricultural water storage (ponds, tanks, and reservoirs)
  • Municipal water supply systems
  • Low Impact Development (LID) solutions for storm water and waste water
  • Percolation testing and leachfield design for septic systems  (click for more information...)
  • Groundwater & soil remediation
  • Well site development
  • Water quantity and quality testing
  • Erosion control planning & stormwater management
  • Construction site planning and implementation, including technical oversight of BMP installation
  • Geologic hazard evaluations
  • Ranch and rural road planning, inventory, and analysis
  • Road and driveway construction, upgrading and storm-proofing
  • Closure and monitoring plans for landfills and mines
  • Topographic surveying

Featured Projects

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