Making the leap from grower to farmer

Hayfork, CA
Tom Leroy of Pacific Watershed Associates, discussing land stewardship (Courtesy of The Trinity Journal)

PWA Engineering Geologist Tom Leroy, was invited to speak at the Trinity Green 2015 Event in Hayfork, California, on April 25th, 2015. Trinity Green is an annual community workshop sponsored by the Watershed Research and Training Center, aimed at providing up to date information about land and water use compliance, county ordinances, water conservation, the new State Water Board Compliance Program, and best management practices for growing marijuana. Tom presented information on a broad range of land stewardship issues including grading, water procurement and storage, as well as regulatory compliance and permitting, while challenging growers to make the leap from grower to farmer.

For more information, Check out The Watershed Research and Training Center's Events page  or the Hayfork Valley Views article in the April 29th edition of the Trinity Journal.

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